Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Students in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts have the opportunity to create a unique education experience, one that encompasses the broad perspectives that are so vital to understanding our world, but also knowledge and skills that teach you to use ethical frameworks to define, analyze, and solve complex problems, to understand cutting edge technologies, and to work effectively with both like-minded and diverse peers in groups that will include students from science, computing, engineering, and design. This is a creative space and a maker space where you can innovate new modes of creativity or never before possible solutions by considering the very human problems that technology must serve.

Aiyanna Lowery

Aiyanna Lowery

Major: Economics and International Affairs

“My time within the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts has been exactly what I wanted out of a college experience, an amazing, interesting, wonderful adventure. My coursework has been exceedingly relevant and stimulating with classes like Game Theory and Environmental Economics. I've gotten a chance to receive teaching from prominent scholars at the forefront of their filed and experience a multi-disciplinary type of learning I wouldn't have found anywhere else. I've studied abroad, achieved fluency in French and become involved in several different student led organizations. The Ivan Allen College has also provided me with a home away from home. I've found peers and mentors that have helped shape my non-academic experience and have kept me fulfilled personally and professionally as well.”

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What are Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Grads Doing Now?

  • International Assignment Editor
  • Communications Liason and Marketing
  • Info Security Analyst
  • Program Manager/Software Engineer
  • Public Health Advisor
  • Director Senate Budget and Education Office
  • Career Foreign Service Officer
  • Associate director of Humanitarian Response

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